We design, build, and co-create public services that improve people’s lives. 

Our focus is on the public and charity sector, although we’ll help any organisation that’s working for the public good.

We provide a range of services to our clients, including:


  • Data analysis: collecting, organising and studying data to provide business insight
  • Data engineering: developing and constructing data products and services, integrating them into systems and business processes
  • Data science: using data to identify and solve complex business problems


  • Product management: using knowledge of user needs and business goals to frame problems and set priorities for delivery teams
  • Upskilling: Build up in-house product capability through coaching and co-creation.


  • Business analysis: understanding and analysing user and business needs
  • Delivery management: accounting for the delivery of products and services
  • Programme delivery: overseeing for the delivery of complex products and services that are being delivered by multiple teams or have high technical or political risk


  • Quality assurance: designs and executes test plans and carries out exploratory testing


  • Development: designing, building and improving website software that meets user needs
  • Network and architecture design: providing technical leadership and knowledge of network and architectural design
  • Security architecture: designing and building secure solutions.

User-centred design

  • Content design: making things easier for people to understand and use
  • Interaction design: the overall flow and individual design elements that underpin interaction and service design
  • Service design: the end-to-end journey of a service
  • User research: planning, designing and carrying out research activities with users that help teams get a deep understanding of the people using services

Once we’ve understood what you’re trying to achieve, we’ll usually provide a multidisciplinary team of carefully vetted and selected associates to work with you. Most have worked together before, and all adhere to our high standards and values.

We often integrate into client teams, which is a great way of encouraging knowledge to transfer between the agency and client teams.

We always use the government service manual to ensure our services meet the Service Standard

We split our time between remote and office-based working, when Covid restrictions allow. 

Goldstone supplies a range of services to public sector organisations on the Digital Marketplace framework. We can either provide a multidisciplinary team to deliver an outcome, or provide individual specialists to cover a vacancy or need.

Our network of associates also provide cloud software, hosting and support  through GCloud 7, 

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